winter wildness…Himalayan Owl.

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The sounds that come from the Tawny Owl are often believed to be haunting in nature. This is why this particular species of owl is often considered to be one to bring bad luck or even as a sign of death in some cultures. They don’t want to have these types of owls around due to the fact that they believe they are part of evil that is lurking on Earth. Rodents make up the majority of the diet for the Tawny Owls. They have huge appetites and can easily consume ten of them per day. This is why many areas where rodents are a problem have introduced these owls to the area. They are a free source of controlling the problem without harmful poisons. Small birds are also a common part of their diet. They do have wonderful eyesight but it is their hearing that helps them to be able to find their prey in the dark. They are excellent hunters with silent wings so they have no trouble at all sneaking up on their prey. With sharp talons they will grab it and then either swallow it whole or use the beak to tear it into chunks. Conservation There isn’t very much out there in the way of conservation for the Tawny Owl. They are being watched and right now they are considered to be on the least of least concern when it comes to these animals. Yet we do need to take notice of the way in which their natural habitat it being destroyed. Otherwise we will see them on the list before we know it.
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February 13, 2018

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