Nature Baptized

Nearest Area
Tettegouche State Park
Ilgen City, MN
Looking east down the Batism River toward Lake Superior. As I hiked along the trails of Tettegouche State Park near the Baptism River. I found a narrow seldom used ungroomed trail that lead toward the river. After a few minute hike of some moderately rough and slippery terrain I came upon the river where it was shallow (approximately knee deep) most of the way across with many exposed stones scattered throughout and also most of the way across. I carefully lept from stone to stone hoping one of the stones would not suddenly shift and spill me into the river. As the thought of falling into the river due to a loose stone crossed my mind, I'd wondered if that was how the river got it's name 'Baptism'. Looking east once I'd gotten close to the middle of the river I thought that I could stare at that scene all day. So quiet and peaceful, beautiful, and no people ... other than my girlfriend waiting for me back on the regular trail and the reason I didn't end up standing there all day.
Date Added
March 2, 2018
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