Seal Rock At Twilight, Oregon.

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS-1D Mark II
Nearest Area
Seal Rock
Brief Directions

Seal Rock is located south of Newport, Oregon off Highway 101. Seal Rock State Park is on the west side of the highway at the southern edge of the town of Seal Rock. Once you've parked, follow the trail along the sea cliff to a stair and walkway which provide access to the beach and tidal pools.


While this image was taken when it was dry, the coming storm hit while I was climbing up the trail leading back to the parking area so be sure to carry protection for yourself and your camera gear against the rain. Good waterproof boots will allow you to walk into the surf to get an "in the water" perspective, plus allows access to the tide pools for more intimate view of the sea life in the park. Watch for sneaker waves, and enjoy the beauty of our wild coast!


Seal Rock State Park lies on the southern edge of Seal Rock, Oregon. The namesake rock, pictured in this photo, rises from the ocean as the anchor of a series of sea stacks which form a protected cove of tidal pools and a sand beach along the Oregon coast. This image was taken on Christmas Eve 2007, and was a long exposure taken after the sun had set just prior to a torrential rainstorm. The coming storm clouds recorded as a deep purple which contrasts nicely against the greenish sands in the foreground.

Date Added
April 4, 2009
Date Taken
April 4, 2009

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