Alabama Hills, Ca

Equipment Info
7643856/1000000 sec. / ISO 50
Nearest Area
Alabama Hills
Lone Pine
Brief Directions
From LA, get on I-5 heading out of the city. Head north to Exit 162 and take Hwy 14. On Hwy 14 there will be a fork in the road when you reach Mojave. Keep right at the fork. Keep on Hwy 14 and you will hit Bradys, Hwy14 changes into Hwy 395 once you pass Bradys. Stay on 395 til you hit Lone Pine. Once in Lone Pine look on the left for Whitney Portal Road. Take a left once you see Whitney Portal Road and take that all the way til you start seeing side roads to pull off of. There is an arch that seems to be a main desitnation. I believe it is called the Mobias March. Try heading to that for starters.
I shot this photo on my old D750 on a chilly April morning. My friend Raymond and I drove the night evening prior from Mammoth Lakes. I had never been in this type of setting before. I am from Michigan originally so being in a place such as the Sierra Nevada's was awe-inspiring. As I was walking to this spot I stumbled a few small cactus' that were really odd looking. I never took a photo of them.. I think I should go back. I now live in the PNW so the journey isn't too bad. I'll be there again one day.
Date Added
August 26, 2018
Date Taken
April 13, 2017