Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Santa Cruz, California
This was taken north of Santa Cruz Calif. about an hour drive from my home. I had been waiting for an opportunity to capture the Milky Way with something iconic in the foreground. Prior to this night we had been having fog and the visibility was not favorable for several weeks. I had a hunch that there was going to be an opening so I took off for the hour and a half drive. As I was driving north up the coast things looked promising until I approached the lighthouse. I noticed the fog was dancing in and out. I set up my tripod for the composition I wanted. Within a few minutes the fog cleared and I was able to get this shot with the nice blue beams reflecting off the fog. Seconds later the Milky Way was gone. It was a lucky night. Taken with Sony 99M2 at 1,600 ISO / 30 seconds / 2.8 / Induro Tripod with Acra Swiss bullhead. www.micksnaturepics.smugmug.com
Date Added
August 30, 2018