In These Hallowed Halls

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 6D
6643856/1000000 sec. / ISO 400
Nearest Area
San Rafael Swell
As landscape photographers, we are always searching for perfect light. Oftentimes that perfect light happens when we would rather be in bed sleeping or out having beers with friends. So when that perfect light happens around midday, while you are out with friends, you better take advantage of it. On a recent trip to Moab, Utah my group decided to make a detour to a lesser known slot canyon to see what it had to offer. Most of the group was excited by the idea of getting in some canyoneering experience, but I was giddy with the thought of photographing glowing red corridors and towering walls. When I explained that our timing was perfect for photography, the group thought I had gone nuts. While they aren’t photographers, they have been around me enough to understand that the best light is usually when they are all in bed sleeping or having beers, and I am nowhere to be found. I explained that deep in these slot canyons however, light only penetrates the deep recesses for a few hours around noon, when the sun is at its peak in the sky. My friends looked at the sky and slowly nodded understanding. Thanks to their understanding, I was able to make a few images without feeling rushed while they hung out and explored the area. Usually a landscape photographer creates his/her best work while alone in the wilderness, completely focused on the subject in front of them. That focus can be hard to maintain in a group setting of individuals who are not photographers. I was glad for their patience, and was able to create this beautiful image. As a bonus, I was even able to have a beer with them after dinner.
Date Added
October 19, 2018
Date Taken
October 12, 2018