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New York
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Wisner Road
When I was a young boy, my father would go out weekend mornings with his Canon film camera and scour the landscape looking for birds of prey. Sometimes he would come back with a smile on his face. I knew he must’ve seen a hawk or some other raptor and been able to snap a pic or two. As I drove down a local road, camera in my lap, scanning the scenery for any bird I could find, I pulled over and was about to resign myself to defeat for the day. But something caught my eye. Down the road, on a post sat what looked like a beautiful Red Tailed hawk. I knew I had one chance. I adjusted my settings, took a deep breath, and pulled out onto the road. Driving with my knee, I approached the hawk at about 5 mph, and when I got close enough, just started firing. It was run and gun to say the least. I just hoped I had captured something. When I got the chance I pulled over again. I hit the playback button and a huge smile went across my face. Thanks dad. In hindsight, even though I’m happy with the image I captured, I should’ve let the hawk alone. It’s harsh in the winter and food isn’t easy to come by. Lesson learned. Get a better lens. Interfere less.
Date Added
March 3, 2019