After Storm Launch

Nearest Area
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge
Denver, CO
Brief Directions
East of Denver and north of I-70
Nikon D500 with a 400mm f/2.8 lens, at f/2.8 1/640 and ISO 220....Driving along the roads of the Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge east of Denver, I spotted a haw resting on a power-line insulator after a storm had past. I quickly came to a stop on the road and jumped out to lean on the hood of my truck while holding the camera fixed on this creature. As the storms were passing in the distance, the sun had came out to shine through the distance raindrops to create the rainbows seen in the background. There was some reflection coming off my truck which helped illuminate this hawk. I knew if I stayed long enough, the hawk would grow tired of me and want to leave. Fortunately, that happened at the right moment when the rainbows were the brightest. The hawk opened up he wings and then launched himself away in the air! Of course, I had to chimp right away and do the Oooooo and Ahhhhh as I was reviewing my shots! This shot topped my day!⁣
Date Added
November 2, 2019