Greens Point lighthouse at sunset

Nearest Area
Fundy coast of New Brunswick
St. George
Brief Directions
Take route 172 south from St. George, following the signs for the Deer Island ferry. At the turn for the ferry, take Greens Point road to the left, for a further 2 kms, to reach the headland that the lighthouse is situated on.
The committee that maintains one of the Fundy Coast of New Brunswick's most picturesque lighthouses, Greens Point, announced that for the first time ever, they'd be putting Christmas lights on the lighthouse for the season. We went along one evening to have a look, and as I was setting up my camera, I glanced to my left, to see the start of a fiery sunset. I ran up the slope to be in a better position to get both the lighthouse and the red glow in the shot. This is the result - a sky with ominous clouds lit from below, in contrast with the delicate light of the fairy lights on the lighthouse.
Date Added
December 3, 2019