Purple Hour

Equipment Info
0/1 sec. / ISO 100
Remembering back when I hiked Antelope Island’s backcountry in the middle of summer afternoon Utah’s dry heat with long pants, long sleeve, and head net in the name of avoiding insect bites (I’ve got that sweet sweet blood, y’all). I wasn’t exactly sure where the trail was heading, but I was hoping to get to a good destination spot by sunset to get a good sunset shot. Well, I didn’t quite make it far enough before the sun set, but I was already on this uphill slope where this lakeshore area of the island was to my right. Decided to take a break and just enjoy the sunset. Turned out, the blue hour presented this amazing gradient hues of colors after the sun has gone well below the horizon! Zoomed in to frame and voila! Sure I had to hike back alone in the dark. But the full moon was there to accompany me. 🌝 Leave. No. Trace! Leave. It. Better!
Date Added
December 7, 2019
Date Taken
July 27, 2018