Ebb Flow

Nearest Area
Harris Beach State Park
Brookings, OR
The ebbing water rushes back out across the tide flats of Harris Beach State Park following a particularly strong wave-set induced incoming surge. I love the improvisational aspect of photographing this sort of scene - it's very much about responding to always-changing events such as the cloud formations, tides, and waves. I took this photo while camped at Harris Beach State Park in order to be close to the very scenic Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor just to the north, but on this evening I was drawn in by the water rushing across the tide flats just before low tide. It was on this evening that I decided that my Christmas-present-to-self of lightweight hip waders and wading shoes was an excellent choice! If you choose to wade in places like this, do be sure to know whether the tide is coming in or going out, keep an eye on incoming surges and have an "escape plan" mentally rehearsed in case of a particularly large surge, and spend a while watching through multiple "wave sets" (larger waves will come through in "sets" periodically) to get a sense of what the flow is like in the area you're considering wading through.
Date Added
December 12, 2019