Magic Hour

Nearest Area
Patagonia Argentina
El Chalten
For my last release of 2019 I give you "Magic Hour". I was taught by one of Gallen Rowell's proteges that when capturing mountain light to always stay until it was to dark to see the minute hand on your watch. This was one of those moments. I was loosing confidence quickly in the sunset this evening and the cold was persuading me to pack it up and head back to camp for a warm meal and cup of coffee. I fought the urges to retreat to comfort and during the classic magic hour the sky exploded in color for a few brief moments. I can not describe how quick the light and weather can change down in Patagonia and this image is a testament to the amazing light that can happen when you are out in the field ready and waiting. Nikon D850, 18mm Zeiss Milvus, .5 [email protected], ISO 100, 3 stop Singh Ray soft ND filter.
Date Added
December 28, 2019