Special Snowflake

Equipment Info
8965784/1000000 sec. / ISO 125
Nearest Area
Westcliffe, CO
Westcliffe, CO
Brief Directions
Colorado CR 69 and CR 96
I have been macro photographing snowflakes for a number of years and can attest to the saying: "No two snowflakes are alike." But some snowflakes are really special - like this one from last night. I live at 9,000 ft elevation in the foothills of the Rockies in South Central Colorado and it snowed all day yesterday (Saturday December 28). Except there were no clear shapes of snowflakes in all of that snow piling up - just tiny ice particles and clumps of snowflakes in their early stages. After sunset the temperature dropped drastically to MINUS 4 Fahrenheit (Minus 20 Celsius) and I noticed that the snow had become very glittery and superfine with extremely small snowflakes, none of them bigger than a pinhead. I decided to give it a try anyway, bundled up and took some close-ups. I ended up getting quite a few nice macros of the mini-flakes but this one is somehow special and definitely unique: When you look really closely you can make out the unusual, soft colors in the center of the snowflake. Keep in mind that this photo was taken at night on a meadow with no colors around anywhere (I was dressed in dark blue, the color temp of the LED light panel was set to 5000. The mysteries of Nature. Anyway, great fun and a pretty special snowflake. Enjoy!
Date Added
December 29, 2019
Date Taken
December 28, 2019