Wide Open Spaces and Mountains

Equipment Info
DJI FC7203
11287712/1000000 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Wet Mountain Valley
Westcliffe, CO
Brief Directions
Colorado CR 69
The West at its Best: I took this panorama - 14 single shots merged in Lightroom - with my little drone from about 350 feet above the valley floor and at an overall elevation of 8,510 feet above sea level in Southern Colorado. I had hiked on the endless and super straight red dirt road for a while and noticed the cattle trails, fence lines and other patterns incl. the snow fields in this wide open landscape. I decided to send the drone up and realized soon that only a panorama out of many single shots would capture the magnitude and vastness of this enormous area with all the different lines and patterns plus the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop.
Date Added
April 16, 2020
Date Taken
April 14, 2020