Nearest Area
Ponta Delgada
In the late afternoon it is a pleasure to climb the mountain of a volcano and see the panorama of a volcanic island in its depths, in this immense Atlantic ocean that surrounds the azores. In the fog I see a plain with small volcanic cones and on the horizon and at the end of the island there is another famous volcano. The volcano of the 7 cities. Behind me is another sleeping volcano. That of the fire pond. It always makes us think that we always depend on nature and its disposition. Today, the islands do not escape 26 active volcanoes, eight of which are submarines, and there is one that, from a tourist point of view, is distinguished from the others because it is the only visitable volcano in the world, Algar do Carvão, on Terceira island. The Azores archipelago is formed by nine islands and extends for 650 kilometers. The closest island to Europe is Santa Maria, which is 1,400 km from mainland Portugal. At the other end is Flores, 2,000 km off the Canadian coast (Newfoundland). They are, in fact, part of an underwater mountain range, the Mid-Atlantic Dorsal. The highest parts of the mountain range extend beyond sea level, forming several islands. Among them, the nine that form the Azores.
Date Added
May 18, 2020