Light in the Dark

Equipment Info
ISO 697
Nearest Area
West Bengal
Brief Directions
College Street
In my long lived short life of twenty years had I seen darkness as opaque as tonight's. The storm had passed and had turned life into ruins on its way. I searched my belongings for a flashlight or a candle, all I found was nearly finished match box and and half finished cigarette, which was the only thing that stood out in the veil of darkness. I opened the windows in hope of some soft moonlight seeping through. The was cloudy and murky, no light seemed to pierce through them, to alight the haunting darkness. My night vision became clearer as I felt something creep around my back, my senses had heightened tenfold, I shuffled my feet putting my hands ahead in a manner of reaching out and self defence all at once. The cold breeze from my open window fluttered my shirt as the strong wind turned the pages of my open book fast, for a while I thought in my head that this was the last straw of my sanity and I was losing every last bit of it. My mother entered into the room with a candle in her dainty palms, my paranoid self jumped out of its skin, startled, I put a hand on my chest to hold my heart inside its cage, I gulped dryly as I took the candle from her hand and turned around towards the open sky. Scared, like an injured animal, I shook as I took my bearings carefully. Mercy, I begged to something supernatural, end this madness or let me know about the method to it.
Date Added
May 29, 2020
Date Taken
May 20, 2020