Hong Kong
Brief Directions
This image is so important to me. Every time I gaze at all of it's detail, I am reminded that in a world of great tensions and extreme views, we are always much greater than the news would have you think. And an image of Hong Kong during this time in history you would think would portray negative narratives of strife and inequality. Although these issues are growing in volume around the world and certainly have important humanitarian messages, "Divercity" reminds us all that we are better together. How can you not look at this image and not see all the grand celebration of cultural, logistical and commercial human success? ​ As we made our way through the city to this spot, we were overtaken by the protests - right in the middle in fact - running with the protesters and uncertain what could happen before we could get to relative safety. And we almost turned around and just stayed inside due to unfolding violence and inability to commute. But we made it after significant delay. It is so difficult to imagine all the protest activity happening that day while an image like this was created.
Date Added
June 15, 2020