The Panther

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There is nothing like the peace of nature for me. Whether walking, in a kayak, or just sitting in the wild awaiting that special moment when I press the shutter, it is a sacred, spiritual experience for me. I sat for hours attempting to make images of Florida panthers the other day. These aren't animals that you will see in the wild, typically only via a camera trap, as there are so few remaining in the wild. Any images I do get are of captive rescues at various facilities, and I want to use these to call attention to the plight of this animal, once only having 20-30 animals remaining. We've done a good job of helping them to rebound to somewhere between 120-130 animals, but there are so many encroachments into their habitat, and vehicular collisions in Southern Florida. I was thinking the other day how dreadfully awful it would be, for humans to have a legacy of sending this species to extinction because we hit them with our cars, and we weren't mindful about their habitat. I beg of you, please look into the many ongoing efforts to save this big cat, and our wilds of Florida. I have fallen in deep love with this amazing animal, and I hope my images in any way, can help bring them into your heart.
Date Added
June 22, 2020
Date Taken
June 20, 2020