Light of Wisdom

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ISO 400
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As the Tuk Tuk labored along the rural, humid and hot jungle roads of Cambodia, crests of temple tops peeked out over the vine laced trees. Each ancient architectural complex was as jaw dropping as it was unique. Almost 1000 years hidden from time and people. To witness how the jungle has integrated or blended with the man made ruins inseparably, forces you to be humbled by it’s very primal existence. It is truly a divine travel experience. One of the most photographed temple areas in Cambodia, Ta Prohm is easily recognized by its ancient tree roots that cover the stone structures. It actually may seem they holding onto them protectively - even holding them together - but more often they can pry at and slowly destroy them. These temples have stories to narrate, but most profoundly, they remain as architectural gems. The rock cut art and intricate carvings in these landmarks have their own old world charm, something that will imprint onto your soul for a lifetime.
Date Added
July 10, 2020
Date Taken
September 11, 2019