Johnathan Livingston

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17 Mile Drive
Carmel California
Jonathan Livingston. I captured the above long exposure image of a Carmel Sunset on 17 Mile Drive. Carmel and Pacific Grove are drop dead gorgeous areas of Northern California. Even Clint Eastwood, former mayor, agrees. It's a $10 charge just to gain access to 17 Mile Drive these days to cruise the same roads of the gated rich and anonymous. My rationale was $10 is still cheaper than an adult zoo ticket, and I'm not a Democrat so this bastion of GOP elite should prove to be safe from anything that bites or scratches..... ;) LOL. It's late and I'm a SA. I met the nicest people in Carmel and Pacific Grove, local seafood is sinful, and 17 Mile Drive is a national treasure. I was blessed with a fantastic vantage point for this shot and even had the company of a large seagull sitting dead center atop the rocky outcrop to share the sunset? Thus the name. I stayed long after sunset, collected my camera gear, and slowly picked my way back to a deserted overlook for the drive back to San Jose. While pleased with the results of my photographic efforts, it's really impossible to capture an image that conveys the full sense (sight, sound, scent, taste and feel) of a moment in a place like this. That's the travelers gift. One of my favorite photographers, Galen Rowell, used to say, "F8 and be there." Being there seems to be a central theme for most of my friends and extended family who look for those same moments in Northern Cali, West Virginia, Maine, Colorado, Spain, Australia, Croatia, Portugal, Italy..... I read Richard Bach's, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a fable about a seagull learning about life and flight, years ago. I'm going to have to look that up again. Hope you enjoy the photo! Until the next trip. Dutch
Date Added
August 31, 2020