Full Moon Sunrise Over Rocky Mountains

Equipment Info
DJI FC3170
3906891/1000000 sec. / ISO 150
Nearest Area
Wet Mountain Valley
Westcliffe, CO
Brief Directions
Colorado CR 69, about 15 miles South of Westcliffe.
A very special sunrise, photographed by drone, hovering over the foothills of the Wet Mountains, looking across the Wet Mountain Valley towards the 14,000+ ft tall peaks of the Colorado Rockies. The Wet Mountains had a layer of clouds that morning and only a few rays of the sun were able to get through this vapor wall and create the nice, somewhat selective illumination of the trees in the forest (foreground) and the magical pink hue with reflecting beams of light over the Rocky Mountains. And the moon is the icing on the cake. This photo was only possible by using a drone and getting a unique viewpoint from 117 feet up in the air. No doubt, drones opened up so many opportunities for new angles in photography. Enjoy!
Date Added
September 8, 2020
Date Taken
September 3, 2020