Stay The Course Good Buddy

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 80D
9965784/1000000 sec. / ISO 320
Nearest Area
Inyo County
Big Pine, CA
Brief Directions
Drive on US395 until you get to Big Pine, California Turn east on US168 Drive east on US168 for three miles and then turn right on Death Valley Road Drive on death valley for 15 miles until you get to where the pavement stops. Look southeast across the valley and you will see the Eureka Dunes on the far side of the valley Drive on the dirt road for 8 miles until you get to the big sign that says "Eureka Dunes This way ---->" follow the dirt road for 12 miles until you get to these magnificently huge sand dunes. Whether you are in a car or truck, drive carefully on the dirt road, because this road will shake your vehicle to pieces. I'm also pretty sure this road killed two of the motor mounts on my Camry.
"Stay the course, good buddy, You're doing super" - Ned Flanders. That was the quote in my head that I kept repeating as I painstakingly schlepped up the first big sand dune in Eureka Valley. I wanted to go further but the sun was setting and my family wanted to get home. It was the first family trip to Eureka Dunes in years, but it won't be our last.
Date Added
February 24, 2021
Date Taken
January 1, 2021