Keeping an Eye on The Herd

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 80D
8965784/1000000 sec. / ISO 400
Nearest Area
Tinemaha Reservoir
Big Pine, CA
Early one morning in October I decided to check out where the Tule Elk near Fish Springs was at. I arrived at the elk vista pullout on US395 but the elk herd was too far away for a good shot. So I drove around to the fish hatchery side and this Ish-ah (Paiute for coyote) moseyed its way across the road. It seemed like the coyote was on a mission and couldn't care less that I was driving by. I pulled over, got out of the car, and hit the shutter, but the only photos of got were of its rear end. Seeing that the coyote was getting too far away for my 55-250mm lens. I had to think quickly and I shouted "GOOD MORNING" to the coyote and it stopped in its tracks and stared right at me... right into my soul. That is when I waved, hit the shutter, and got this photo. This coyote and I shared a moment and it was darn near magical to look into the eyes of thee, trickster of tricksters.
Date Added
July 5, 2021
Date Taken
November 11, 2017