Lake Of The Clouds

Nearest Area
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
Brief Directions

From Detroit, MI take Hwy 75 to St. Ignace, then east on Hwy 2, north on MI-77, then west on MI-28 to Hwy 41 to Baraga, then west on MI-38.


I have to admit that a couple of days of exploration to the “Porkies” does not give justice to its grandiose scale. The trails alone offers endless photo opportunity. The ridges carved by receding glaciers millions of years ago offers breathtaking vista that can only be found this north of the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Autumn is said to be the best time of the year to visit the Porcupine Mountains but I arrived a week too late and the fall foliage colors are almost gone. Added by a couple of storms that whipped the area with gale winds of almost 60mph, all the leaves had fallen and only the pines and the really stubborn ones are clinging to the trees. Yet, as I always say, photo opportunities are sometimes need to be found and not to be waited. This photo is of the scenic overlook named "Lake of the Clouds", taken just before the storm clouds sets in. Porcupine Mountains Autumn 2011


The Porcupine Mountains is one of those really awe inspiring wilderness this part of the Northern Hemisphere of the US. It is tucked in between the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. A vast area of rugged landscapes, rustic woodlands and untouched forest carved on prehistoric glacial ridges on the tip of the Lake Superior. Save for the occasional spots reserved for sightseers and pedestrian hikers, the land is primal.

Date Added
November 1, 2011
Date Taken
November 1, 2011