American Bald Eagle

Equipment Info
ISO 320
Nearest Area
Catskill Mountains
Forestburgh, New York
As the morning sun ascended, I came upon this American Bald Eagle perched high atop a pine tree overlooking the stream below. It’s body and feathers, highlighted by the sun, made for a spectacular scene. At this particular location, photographers are not allowed to leave their vehicles for Bald Eagle photography as to not disturb the birds, so driving along the road which parallels the stream, is the only way to try and find these majestic birds if and when they are around. Having found this one, my best means to take photos was to support my heavy lens from my car window on which the lens rested. Photographing it for approximately 10 minutes, it decided to take off. It caught me by surprise, as many times I have to wait much longer before a takeoff. Nonetheless, I managed some decent captures before the bird disappeared from my POV. Photographing the bird was awkward, as photography taken through an open window or sun roof limits the mobility required to photograph them whether they be on the ice looking for herring, perched, or in flight. With these limitations, I was lucky to get what I did, as many times I go to that location, and am disappointed when I find no birds at all. Feast or famine is the name of the game here.
Date Added
March 11, 2022
Date Taken
February 4, 2010