February At Cedar Falls

Equipment Info
Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Nearest Area
Hocking Hills State Park
Brief Directions

Southeast of Columbus for one hour on State Route 33 to 180 and then west from Logan exit into Hocking Hills State Park. Cedar Falls is an easy hike from the parking area, which is located not far from state route 56.


Winter with ice formations can be breathtaking in the sandstone gorges of Hocking Hills. The most important gear is a good pair of gloves and hiking boots with clamp-ons. The well traveled trails can be ice covered and dangerous. I also highly recommend visiting and photographing during the week versus weekends, especially at Cedar Falls. Look for fascinating colors within the ice formations for dramatic abstracts.


Although I now live on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, I consider the Hocking Hills of Southeastern Ohio to be the home of my artistic spirit and creative soul. I returned this last October to present a weekend workshop on fall nature photography at The Inn at Cedar Falls. Cedar Falls is one of the most popular scenes within the park. In February it can be an interesting mixture of water, snow and ice as the falls freeze, thaw and freeze again. This image was captured the first week of February 2010. That night there was a snowstorm that left everything blanketed in white the next morning. I liked emphasizing the color and texture of the ice amongst the sandstone by using a three exposure for HDR.

Date Added
November 17, 2011
Date Taken
November 17, 2011

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