Photographer Profile: Angie Birmingham

Photographer Profile: Angie Birmingham

Corpus Christi, TX. Challenge: Patience; I had to wait for a calm night. Our winds are usually at least 15mph. Canon 5d Mark IV, Tamron 24-70mm f2.8, tripod. Exposure: ISO 400 f/4.0 1.6 sec.

Photographer: Angie Birmingham

Studio: Photos By Angie B

Part-Time Professional Photographer

Photographic Specialties:

  • Landscape
  • Wildlife
  • Travel
  • Portraiture
  • Macro
  • Architecture / Real Estate


I started photography in high school many moons ago. I learned how to shoot with film on a rolleicord and develop it.
After I graduated I moved up to a film Canon Rebel. I had it for a long time but I then stopped taking photos other than a point and shoot camera until my son Carter graduated high school. I then went out and bought a digital Canon Rebel. WOW! I was truly amazed at the quality of images. Since then I have gone through a lot of cameras and lenses, but I am still a Canon Girl. I currently have a Canon 5d Mark IV.