Photographer Profile: Nicholas Bagley

Photographer Profile: Nicholas Bagley
Utah. For this photo, I had to get low in the water. Without having any waterproof housing for my camera, I was a little nervous but everything worked out fine. Pictured is my friend and fellow photographer cooling off on a 90 degree summer day. I’m super stoked on this angle and very pleased with the final image! Olympus OM-E-M10 Mark II.

Photographer: Nicholas Bagley

Full-Time Professional Photographer

Photographic Specialties:

  • Landscape
  • Wildlife
  • Travel
  • Portraiture
  • Events
  • Other


I’ve always thought of photography as an excuse to get out and have an awesome adventure. I’m always trying to push myself and capture images that no one has ever seen. I work 40+ hours per week imaging approximately 100-200 patients. While medical imaging pays the bills, it does not fulfill me as a photographer. One day I hope to make my hobby photography my full-time career but until that day comes, I’ll keep pushing myself to explore new aspects of this world and showcase how life looks through my lens.
Never stop shooting!! Nick


Photographer Profile: Nicholas Bagley
Bald Mountain, Utah. I was on a trail run when I snapped this photo. This little guy kept peeking his head over at me curious to what I was up to. I always have my camera in my bag (even when I’m running) so I stopped and quickly snapped this photo. Olympus OM-E-M10 Mark II.
Photographer Profile: Nicholas Bagley
Mount Nebo. Take one look at the terrain and you’ll know why this was a challenging image to capture. I snapped this photo of fellow photographer and good friend on the last day of our backpacking trip. I stopped to catch my breath and turned around to see him making his way towards me. I immediately whipped out my camera and capture this shot. In my mind, an image like this happens once in a lifetime. It represents what photography is to me, a gateway to adventure! Olympus OM-E-M10 Mark II.
Photographer Profile: Nicholas Bagley
Antelope Island, Utah. For this shot, I quietly crept into a field where a herd of Bison were grazing. I was afraid of scaring them away so I waited until they got close enough and then snapped this gorgeous image. Olympus OM-E-M10 Mark II.
Photographer Profile: Nicholas Bagley
California. I took this photo on the last day of a photography trip to California. I love the contrasting grey water with the green lush grass. What a great trip it was! Olympus OM-E-M10 Mark II.
Photographer Profile: Nicholas Bagley
With this shot, I wanted to make sure the San Francisco skyline made it into the photo. In order to do that I had to use a wide-angle lens. This is my favorite photo I have on this website. Olympus OM-E-M10 Mark II.

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