Photographer Profile: Stephen Kent

Photographer Profile: Stephen Kent

Tanzania (Serengeti). This juvenile cheetah was hunting with its mother when it captured this large hare. It managed to grab it by the back, but did not kill it immediately. Instead it walked off with its prey swinging up and down, looking for a place to hide as it had breakfast. I fired a burst of shots as it moved to capture this shot, with the hare parallel to the ground and with its face looking at me. Canon 5DsR, 500mm f4 IS Mk II + 2x TC. Exposure: ISO 800, f8, 1/1600.

Photographer: Stephen Kent

Part-Time Professional Photographer

Photographic Specialties:

  • Landscape
  • Wildlife


I have traveled around the world shooting with an emphasis on nature photography, especially birds, although I occasionally shoot landscapes and architecture. My love of photography has brought me to Antarctica and South Georgia four times, the Arctic, Galapagos (twice), Africa (five times), Europe, and many U.S. national parks. Every spring I travel to Florida for bird photography.


Photographer Profile: Stephen Kent

Galapagos. We were hiking on one of the islands as Nazca Boobies fly by. To ensure proper exposure, I used manual settings appropriate for a white bird in full sun, so that changes in the background (clouds vs. blue sky vs. dark foliage) would not cause problems. Canon 5Ds R, Canon 100-400mm Mk II
Manual exposure, ISO 800, f 11, 1/1000.