Photographer Profile: Stephen L. Kapp

Photographer Profile: Stephen L. Kapp

Glacier National Park; Montana. Challenges: The main trail is to the right and people were lingering at the water’s edge for a while before moving on. Secondly, we too wanted to get to Avalanche Lake upstream and didn’t want to spend much time here setting this up and making this image. Thirdly, the sun started shining through after the cloud layer started breaking up and the sun started to rise in the morning, creating harsh glare spots had to manage both in camera and in Adobe Lightroom during post-production. Nikon D800 on Induro tripod & head, polarizer filter. Exposure: f/16 at 1/2 sec. and ISO-100 at 18mm.

Photographer: Stephen L. Kapp

Amateur Photographer

Photographic Specialties:

  • Landscape
  • Wildlife
  • Travel
  • Architecture / Real Estate
  • Other


My grandfather once let me borrow his old Rolleiflex double lens reflex camera, and I have been intrigued with cameras ever since. Starting in film and later slides as a kid, I did not do much photography for about a decade until I got my first digital camera in 2005. Now I’ve become an avid photographer since then.

My area of focus is outdoor photography: landscapes, urbanscapes, nature, and wildlife. My subtitle of “Sharing Visual Experiences” represents my intent to share the images I have made and to present them in form as I originally recalled these scenes.


Photographer Profile: Stephen L. Kapp

Paris, France. I tend to gravitate towards symmetrical compositions (and vertical) on my architectural shots. This image was taken looking at one of the 4 legs of the Eiffel Tower while part of a tour with lot’s of people around and continuous travel—so the challenge was getting the image as I wanted it under those rushed conditions. Nikon D800, handheld. Exposure: f/6.3 at 1/60 sec. and ISO-320 at 20mm.

Photographer Profile: Stephen L. Kapp

This is one of my favorite analog (film/slide) images, which is also notable because it is photojournalistic in nature, which is not necessarily my style. Was taking in the whole scene while listening to Heart at the (9th annual) Day on the Green concert and saw this woman holding an American Flag – on the 4th of July. Note the expression of resolve on her face. A very pleasing shot to have been able to capture due to the compositional value and representation of Independence Day. Pentax MX film camera, 105mm lens, handheld.

Photographer Profile: Stephen L. Kapp

Dusseldorf, Germany. Was taken from a moving riverboat, so had only a couple seconds to get it all right. Nikon D800, handheld. Exposure: f/10 at 1/250 sec. and ISO-100 at 70mm.

Photographer Profile: Stephen L. Kapp

Scripps Highlands area, San Diego. I occasionally visit this area to see if one or both pair of these hawks are in flight looking for food. One came over my shoulder from behind high up above and I was, fortunately, able to quickly focus and pan my telephoto at full 300mm zoom and get one of my best bird-in-flight shots to date. The challenge is being at a longer telephoto length while both tracking and correctly exposing the shot. What makes this image standout was being fortunate to have the sun at my back and getting him looking this way with strong catchlight in his eye. Nikon D5000, handheld. Exposure: f/5.6 at 1/1000 sec and ISO-400 at 300mm.

Yosemite Valley. It was when I was with Michael Frye on an all-day personal workshop where he picked the spot and coached me on technique. An awesome day! Nikon D5000 w/ ND + Polarizer Filters, old Velbon tripod. Exposure: f/9 at 1/250 sec. and ISO-250 at 38mm.