Iconic Locations Assignment Winner Jeff Sullivan

Photo By Jeff Sullivan
Photo By Jeff Sullivan

Congratulations to Jeff Sullivan for winning the recent Iconic Locations Assignment with the image, “Sun Rays on Yosemite Valley Morning Fog.”

“On this sunrise at Yosemite's iconic Tunnel View overlook, it had rained the day before, but the skies were forecast to clear up overnight, so I figured that it would cool down enough to have the water vapor condense as a ground fog. When we arrived the next morning, it was just thick enough to reach the treetops, creating some nice photographic opportunities.

“There had been several dozen people at this viewpoint minutes before the sun rays appeared, but once the sun cleared the mountains, nearly everyone decided to go get breakfast. Someone in my workshop asked about that, but I said, “Let’s give it another five minutes.” Sure enough, when the sun closed the gap in the clouds and started shining down between them, light rays started moving around the Valley.

“The dynamic range of the scene was too great for one exposure, so the sun ray image was created from five bracketed exposures, adjusted in Adobe Lightroom and combined in PhotomatixPro HDR software.”

See more of Jeff Sullivan’s photography at www.jeffsullivanphotography.com.


    Thanks Morris! You should submit some of your shots from our days in Yosemite in early November, including the backlight / silhouette assignment ending today. This was quite the year for sun ray / ground fog shots in Yosemite!

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