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Classic Polar Bear Photo Adventure

An Expert Photographer-Naturalist Leads This Immersive Journey into the Realm of the Polar Bear

When you come face to face with a polar bear, something powerful happens in that gaze as you make a connection with one of the world’s most charismatic—and most threatened—wild creatures. And while it’s nearly impossible to put that ineffable feeling into words, well-crafted photos can capture it. That’s the goal on this small-group nature adventure. No one offers you more time and proximity with the King of the Arctic, coupled with our intensive focus on helping you get outstanding images. You’ll spend three full days on the tundra aboard our custom-designed Polar Rovers, with plenty of space for your equipment and room to maneuver for terrific shots. Coaching from our expert photographer-guide is complemented by evening lectures on how to capture Arctic wildlife through the camera’s lens—most notably polar bears, but also Arctic fox, Arctic hare, snowy owls and more.

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