Indian Lake, Connecticut

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indian lake

Indian Lake is located in Orange, Conn., between Boston Post Road and I-95. The northern end of the lake is fed by the Indian River, which runs through a protected wetlands area. In a canoe or kayak, one may easily traverse the lake to find different photo opportunities. Two roads run the length of the lake on either side and may be accessed at various points with permission from the residents. Many types of flora and fauna inhabit this region. Osprey come to feed on fish, Canadian geese mate in the spring, and green herons and egrets hunt for food in the early mornings and late afternoons.

Indian Lake experiences typical New England weather throughout the seasons. During spring and fall, migratory birds pass through this area and may be seen feeding along the shores or in the wetlands. In summer, quickly passing late-afternoon thunderstorms may provide rainbows, dark clouds for the background and stunning colors from the setting sun.

Photo Experience
Larger telephoto lenses ranging from 100mm to 400mm will give you close-up captures of a variety of wildlife, especially birdlife, without disturbing the subjects. Smaller zoom lenses ranging from 18mm to 100mm will allow you to easily photograph wide-angle scenics of the lake. Multiple polarizing filters may be needed to minimize glare from the water. A tripod also is beneficial for shooting with larger telephoto lenses or for photographing sunrises. This image was taken with a Canon EOS 20D and a 17-85mm lens as I left my house on my way to work. I literally drove around the corner and looked over to see sunrise on the lake. I stopped my truck in the middle of the road and grabbed my camera. A series of 15 shots were taken, and after the sixth photo, this pair of Canadian geese decided to join in and swim through the composition. I kept saying to myself, “Don’t swim too fast!”

Best Times
As the seasons change, Indian Lake provides a variety of photo opportunities. In early spring and late fall, wonderful sunrises occur due to the position of the sun rising over the lake. The water temperature and air temperature guarantee mists and fog. Arriving 30 minutes before sunrise will help determine the ideal location for taking the best compositions. Fall provides dramatic colors due to maples, oaks and other indigenous trees along the shores and the clear blue skies. Locations may be scouted easily to determine the best lighting and time of day. In a cold winter, the lake will freeze for approximately two to four weeks. Additionally, the water turns a dark gray on cloudy days and provides a compelling contrast to freshly fallen snow.

Essential Gear
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