The Art Of Astrophotography

Capturing the heavens can be a rewarding and altogether unique form of outdoor photography
Astrophotography is a word that we seldom hear or read; however, this photography technique was used soon after the first image was recorded. In fact, astronomer Sir John Herschel was the first to use the term “photography,” and the first to apply “negative” and “E2 positive” in relation to photography.

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Award-winning astrophotographer Tony Rowell’s photos have been published in books, calendars, and in Astronomy, Backpacker, Mountain Bike Action, and Outdoor Photographer magazines. The son of renowned photographer and mountaineer Galen Rowell, he’s the author of Sierra Starlight and has had his work exhibited at the Yosemite Museum Gallery, the Marin Headlands Visitor Center and the Mountain Light Gallery near his home in Bishop in California’s beautiful Eastern Sierra.