Outdoor Photographer’s 12 Days of Giveaways

Welcome to Outdoor Photographer’s 12 Days of Giveaways! Winners will be posted at the bottom of this page. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay reminded to sign up for the prize(s) of the day! Remember to check this page every day to signup for the new day’s prize.

There is no limit to the number of times you can enter, so enter away!

Featured Prize List (images of prizes listed left-to-right in the graphic above):

Day 1 (12/10): Duggal – (1) Up to 16×20 HD Photo Print + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 2 (12/11): MeFOTO GlobeTrotter S Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod Kit + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 3 (12/12): RogueFlash 32 2-in-1 White Reflector + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 4 (12/13): Benro TMA37C Mach3 9X Carbon Fiber Tripod + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 5  (12/14): ExpoImaging – ExpoDisc 2.0 White Balance Filter + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 6 (12/15): Duggal – Up to 18×12 Vibrachrome + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 7 (12/16): Tenba Axis 24L Backpack + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 8 (12/17): RogueFlash 32 2-in-1 White Reflector + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 9 (12/18): Tenba Shootout 16L DSLR Backpack + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 10 (12/19): Benro GH5 C Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 11 (12/20): Benro TrueNight Filters + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag
Day 12 (12/21): Duggal Professional 30 Page Photo Book + (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag

Every day you have the chance to win one (1) BlackRapid Lens Bag in addition to our featured prize(s) for the day. There’s also a chance you may get an additional bonus third prize, so it’s always worth signing up every day to see if you’ll be lucky!


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