Peter Lik | Yosemite National Park

Peter Lik hunts for the perfect shot in Yosemite Nation Park

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    Mist,snow,river and the wild wind,how beautiful this scenery is .Who esle can get this shot better than this .I can feel the wind blowing my face.Oh–It is freezing.I’d better write down this” feeling” soon.

    Finally “The Revealing of Snow” is finished. I’d like to dedicate this to him and thank him for giving me the idea and feelings.
    The Revealing of Snow
    From studying arts to science
    From traveling to different countries to settling down in USA
    From knowing to discovering the unknown
    I walked too many roads
    Wondering which way to go
    While looking for myself
    Wondering who I was
    Until I met you
    You awake my soul
    Give me the direction of life
    Many things we face,we may not understand
    But we must solve our obstacles bravely
    One day the truth will find us
    We will find the truth
    Like when the snow melts away
    From the fresh grass

    some of my fav spots in Yosemite Peter took shots from (better be their early some spots pain to many people for sunrise shots) like Gate to the Valley shot in last part of the video

    Charles (Yosemite -Mariposa Local)

    Peter the “Dik” – what a Phony!

    can’t stand this BS any more, i hoPe it droPs dead.

    As if he ‘found’ yosemite for the rest of us – Puke!

    Seriously don’t understand this guy’s success. Sure, he’s technically a fine photographer. But what’s special about taking a large format camera to every iconic photo location in the world. It sickens me that his works sells for as much as Ansel originals.

    this guy uses a digital camera and stitches the shots together, since when did 120 size (“Medium Format”) somehow become LARGE FORMAT? he does not use a large format camera, just a tiny digital like the rest of us.

    Some people do know how to appreciate Peter lik’s artwork.Some people simply don’t know.I’d like to show why he and his photography is so special by this poem called “Sacred Sunrise” that I wrote few days ago.

    Sacred Sunrise

    Peter Lik! Peter Lik!

    As the Sun rising from the east

    25 years of amazing creations

    Never ending energies

    And Awards after Awards

    He now has his own TV show

    Peter Lik! Peter Lik!

    As the Sun rising from the east

    Abundant pieces of artwork

    Emerging from 14 galleries of his own

    Always something new to reveal

    Oh!How his artwork never gets old

    Peter Lik! Peter Lik!

    As the Sun rising from the east

    Loving to shoot the movement of Mother Nature

    Capturing her exact emotion

    This passion for photography from yesterday,today,tomorrow

    It will forever live on

    Diana Ball

    some may say why can’t I get the same results as him,I even have the same camera as him.I think he has the talent to change inanimate things to human characters.He has the skill to show the detail of the images and brings them to life.No matter where he shows his art ,it is always the most favorite of the fans. And he’s not famous because he moved to Las Vegas,but because of his uniqueness.

    U.S.A. is a free country.Nobody can force anyone to buy art for 3,000 to 100,000 just for an image.You can use this kind of money to buy an air ticket to go to see the real thing,to catch the beauty as he see it.He manufactures his own artwork with thousands of little crystals in the material which come out as natureal as he can make it.Can You?!
    The Big Book is 900 dollars,because he risks so much to make natural beauty,to show what he is able to do.And give so much energies to my soul.I would like to buy his book more than”Wonder of the World” by Sanda Forty for 9.99.I only looked at the book one time because I didn’t feel any emotion from it.Now all it does is sit in the corner of my shelf.

    it is real beauty from Peter Lik’s poetic eye. to capture the emotion and the movement of modern nature when he feels it. then when you feel it you can be creative and he see’s it like a piece of art. if he needs a camera and tecnology to do that he should be able to use it for us,-(HDR filters or multiple expoures) ect.
    i am a painter and poet some how because i think the camera can’t capture a human soul. so i paint and write to show my feeling’s unlike technology.

    Although in winters, you cannot enjoy the natural beauty of the national park still, Yosemite National Park is internationally known for its beautiful waterfalls, clear streams, biological diversity, marvellous granite cliffs, the huge sequio groves. This park has a number of plants like chaparral/oak woodland, lower montane, upper montane, subalpine and alpine and animals such as Bighorn sheep, bobcat, gray fox, mountain beaver, mountain lion, black bear and bat. The beautiful tunnel View is the first view of the Valley for many visitors and is a good spot for photography. If you still want to enjoy the snow and ice water, its all the more beautiful and a different experience.

    Yosemite National Park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and reservations are required to visit. But the station entrance Hetch Hetchy is open only during the day, and some roads are closed because of snow between November and May.

    He has some stunning work.. Been to his galleries in Australia, up close the photos just glow.
    Another Australian photographer Simon Beedle
    Has some great images also, a more in my price range, I have a couple on my wall at home.
    Visting Yosemite next year, hope I get some good shots.

    Thank you God for letting me have the chance of visiting the most beautiful and spiritual place that I have ever been to,Yosemite.And allow me to share this poem I wrote called”The Snow In Yosemite”in Peter Lik website. .”The Snow in Yosemite” The smooth soft mist around the steep,rocky mountains.The roaring river across through the whole valley.The redwoods covered with a fresh white blanket.The deer,bears,and coyotes roam freely in the forest.The waterfalls drop infinitely over the edges of mountains.I don’t know if I’m in a dream,or if the dream has me in it.

    I am so horrified to see this man’s name associated one of our National Parks. He only takes pics for money, not for beauty or art. He is a fake & copy of true artists.

    If Peter Lik isn’t a true artist, who else can be a true artist? He spends many hours and even months and years to capture the most creative and special aspect of mother nature. If he didn’t have that strong of passion than why would he travel the world and spend his time in harsh weather to take a photograph? Peter doesn’t take pictures only for money. He takes pictures so that he can show what beauty mother nature holds. Even though he is Australian, he has been an American citizen for over 25 years and he pays taxes like the rest of us, so any person that enters a national park has the right to be associated with any National park. My point is that people want to learn how to take photos the way Peter does because it looks great. Everyone should see and FEEL the world the way they want to see and feel it. Everyone can become they’re own Peter Lik one day.

    Peter Lik is a good photographer. Can’t deny that. He’s passionate, also undeniable. His marketing team and backing is huge and highly commercialized, no doubt. My gripe is that he’s presenting himself as the most adventurous photographer on Earth. Really? Sorry Lik but Mesa Arch isn’t adventurous nor is Yosemite or Antelope Canyon, or … on and on. In the adventure department there are hundreds if not thousands (myself included) who’d have Mr. Lik in tears when it comes to true adventure. Gary Orona, Green River, Utah

    Peter Lik’s occupation is to be a photographer, if he wanted to become an adventurer than he would, but that is not what he does for a living. He goes to certain locations to take beautiful pictures, not to scale giant mountains. He doesn’t seek an adrenaline rush, but what he really seeks is the inner peace of mother nature.

    After watching 10 episodes of “From the Edge with Peter Lik”,I wrote this poem “Moments of Splendor” last night.I’d like to share with you guys.— Moments of Splendor—–Splendor in Peter Lik TV Show.Splendor in Peter Lik Fine Art Galleries.Splendor in Peter Lik Staff.Splendor in Peter Lik photography. Splendor in his camera .Splendor in his hands.Splendor in his eyes,in his heart,& in his soul.It is everywhere in the world.When he’s with me.When he’s in me.

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