1st Annual Great Outdoors Photo Contest Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Judd Paterson

Title: Strike

Judd Patterson receives $1,500 in cash, plusa Tamrac Aero Speed Pack 85 Dual Access Photo/Laptop Backpack, a Manfrotto tripod, a PNY memory card and a print of the winning photo from Duggal Visual Solutions.

Every summer, thunderstorms regularly rollacross the Everglades and bring the precious lifeblood of the ecosystem. These storms are great for photography, but conditions are tough. The heat and humidity are oppressive, everything is flooded, and the dawn/dusk mosquitoes make even the most resilient photographers question their sanity. In late August 2009, I set up this exposure while being enveloped by a cloud of mosquitoes, and then after triggering the timer release, I ran around just to get the bugs out of my face. Eventually, serendipity struck, and I had the perfect lightning strike and reflection recorded on my memory card.

1st Prize Winner: Harry Lichtman

Title: Genesis

Fog often forms over Cherry Pond in the Fall, but I wasn’t prepared for the other-worldly light created as the sun poked through the heavy mist and clouds. I had hoped to photograph the Presidential Range at sunrise behind the pond, but this view proved more dramatic

Honorable Mention: Brian Taylor

Title: Reeds At Sunset

This image was captured in a little town called Ephriam. It was a calm chilly spring night when we went out to capture some images of the boat docks when I found these reeds.

Honorable Mention: Jeff Berkes

Title: Evening Retreat

An American Bald Eagle Leaves his Perch After Looking For Dinner In Our Local Streams.

Honorable Mention: Tony Murray

Title: Libre

Honorable Mention: David Becker

Title: Starfish

People's Choice Winner: Tony Murray

Title: Shine Through

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