Waterpocket Fold

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D
Nearest Area
Capitol Reef National Park
Boulder, UT
Brief Directions

From the town of Boulder on Utah Route 12 head west on the Burr Trail - a mostly paved route that climbs to "the post". Turn left on the dirt road signed for Muley Twist Canyon and park at the end of the road. The trail to the rim heads steeply up to the east, climbing out of the canyon. In places, it is indistinct but marked with cairns.


AS evening came on, huge thunder heads gathered over the Fold and I worried about flash flooding in the canyon below (our way back out to the highway). But as so often is the case in the desert, the clouds yielded no rain but cloaked the complicated landscape in dancing shadows. The show went on for an hour and I was happy to be shooting digital. If I had been shooting film, I would surely have exhausted my supply!


The Waterpocket Fold is a gargantuan geological faeture running through Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Although it is spectacular, it is very hard to photograph due to its immense size. In several previous trips to Capitol Reef I had tried a variety of locations to capture this convoluted geology, without much success. On this occasion, I was actually after a different subject - Muley Twist Canyon - but thought that I'd climb to the rim as the light was interesting. Success at last!

Date Added
April 8, 2010
Date Taken
April 8, 2010

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