Setting Sun On Bonsai Rock

Nearest Area
Lake Tahoe, CA
Incline Village
Brief Directions

This small area is only about half a mile south of Sand Harbor State park on Hwy 28, but because the trail head is unmarked and 30 to 40 feet below the highway with a pretty steep drop, its very difficult to see. Heck, even after I found it (which took me a couple of days) I drove past it. There really isn't a trail leading down to the area, just a few worn areas in the vegetation, all of which are fairly steep and have areas of very loose dirt and rocks. Because of this going back up is more more difficult than coming down.


Once making my way down I scouted the area for a while before finally settling into this final composition. The sky was absent of clouds but I was lucky enough to have a bit of haze in the air which I knew would help to color the sky and give me a nice gradation of colors. I sat there for some time watching the light as it changed and some nearby birds playing in the water. I made a number of images, some vertical, some panned over to the left or right and at different times as the light changed but liked this one the best.


Lake Tahoe is known for it's beautiful rock formations that lead from it's shoreline into the lake and this is one of it's more picturesque. While it doesn't have an official name, locals call it Bonsai Rock and for good reason.

Date Added
March 27, 2010
Date Taken
March 27, 2010