Osprey With Trout

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Woods Canyon

I took this photo on 7-25-2009, at 1821.03 hours, which was continuous from the previous photo (the same Osprey) while fishing with my son Kameron at Willow Springs Lake which is about one mile East of Woods Canyon Lake, home of the Bald Eagles. You take Rt 260 East of Payson about 33 miles and get off at NF-149. Go in about ½ mile, and park by the boat dock. The is right next to Mogollon Rim. We fished approximately six hours before we were going to pack up and go back to Mesa, for we caught no fish. I always keep my Nikon D-700 with a 70 – 200mm 2.8 close by for any wildlife shots. Right before we left, this Osprey flew in and grabbed a trout right out of the water. I was about 30 yards away and took a series of continuous shots which I had pre set in manual mode just in case the perfect shot came along. Wow, Kameron and I were so excited because we have fished there before and although we have seen the Osprey, this was the first time one came so close. We even captured the spraying water still falling off the Osprey as it fley away. I had spoken to some of the Eagle Watchers at Woods Canyon Lake a week earlier. They advised me of Willow Springs Lake and how the photo opportunity would be much greater than Woods Canyon for Ospray, due to them flying around more often than the Eagles. How things work out. We were only 50 yards away from where the boats dock. (south east) Soon, we will take advantage of the camping opportunities. I lightened the photos EV in CS3 Raw to the breaking point, applied 100 % noise reduction using Luminace before converting to a TIFF, made some levels and curves adjustments, made a mask of the Osprey with the magnetic lasso tool (not quick mask like the previous photo..wanted to try a different way) and specifically lightened the Osprey with levels in addition to the prior adjustments. I burned the beak and claw area, and applied a small bit of saturation to the Osprey’s yellow portion of the eye and red portion of the trout’s gill. The Nikon D-700 is a full framed 12 mp D-SLR, but I still cropped in to get a closer view. (18 x 12) I saved the photo in layers. Thank You, Ed Bonkowski

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January 13, 2010
Date Taken
January 13, 2010

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