Bald Eagle

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Woods Canyon

He flew over my head and back towards the nest. I ran the trail back to the nest to find no Eagle. I had a feeling I would see him again, so I hiked the trail closest to the water. I remembered the Eagle Watchers telling me a few months earlier, how the Eagles are sometimes right above your head, sitting on a tree, and you never know it because people are always looking for them in flight. Every fifty feet or so, I looked up and checked the trees around me. About two hundred yards south of the nest, I looked up and saw, what appeared to be the rear feathers of what I though was the Eagle. I quickly moved forward to get a better view, and POW, it was him. I took a few shots of him through the thick trees and obtained a shot of him looking right at me. His head and feet were visible, as a branch from the tree crossed his body. I ran / tumbled my way down the hill through all the prickly brush in the attempt to get a better view. It took me about two minutes to work my way through the brush, but I finally found a spot on a rock, where I had taken my son fishing a few months earlier. I looked up at the Eagle (northbound) and snapped away. I was about one hundred and fifty, to two hundred feet away. I could not believe it. This was the closest I’ve ever been to an Eagle in the wild, let alone one of only two in Northern Arizona. I took a couple of hundred pictures, waiting for the clouds and sun to break. At 1515 hours, the sun broke for about ten seconds and the clouds opened which turned the sky blue. I took about five shots before the sun and the clouds went back to white with no soft light on the Eagle. (Nikon D-700, D-SLR, 12MP, 1/800 sec, F 4.5, ISO 320, with Spot Metering and Spot Continuous focusing, with a 70-200mm 2.8 G VR ED Zoom, 14 Bit RAW) I laughed because I never get to enjoy the moment photographing different events. I always try and capture the moment through my lens. I enjoy this very much, but sometimes it’s just nice to view it for a moment. The Eagle stayed positioned for about an hour before flying off. This allowed me to put down my camera and enjoy being in “The Now.”

Date Added
January 13, 2010
Date Taken
January 13, 2010

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