2nd Annual Nature’s Colors Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Warren Ishii

Title: Waimea

Congratulations to Warren Ishii, the Grand Prize winner of OP’s Nature’s Colors Photo Contest. His prizes include $1,500 cash or a DSLR, a Tamrac 3385 Speed Pack, a Duggal 16×24-inch print of his photo and a Gitzo GT2541 carbon-fiber tripod and GH2780QR head. Capturing the perfect wave at Waimea Bay in Oahu, Hawaii, is a rarity that happens just a few times each year. Ishii knew that a huge swell generated from a distant storm was on its way to Hawaii.”This wave must have been greater than 40 feet in height, and as its whitewater rolled in closer toward the shore, it reformed itself into a perfect 20-foot wave,” Ishii recalls. “The reborn wave then began breaking uniformly toward me from the opposite end of the bay, forming a perfect barrel tube.

Canon EOS D60, Canon EF 100-400mm ƒ/4.5- 5.6L, Canon 1.4x extender, Manfrotto tripod, Wimberley side mount

1st Prize Winner: Jason Steel

Title: Foggy Morning Timberland Swamp

Honorable Mention: Lynn Whitt

Title: Drop Reflections

Honorable Mention: Benjamin Charles

Title: No Name Lake, Payette National Forest

Honorable Mention: Tom Wallis

Title: Cool Captain

People's Choice Winner: Laura Baldwin

Title: Lake Moraine

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