America The Beautiful And Lunch

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 20D
Nearest Area
Wellington State Park
Brief Directions

From I-93: Take Exit 23 onto Route 104 West, then right onto Route 3A. Take left onto West Shore Rd and follow signs to Wellington State Park. From I-95: Take Route 101 west to Route 93 north. Take Exit 23 onto Route 104 West, then right onto Route 3A. Take left onto West Shore Road and follow signs to Wellington State Park.


f/8 1/320 sec ISO-100 33mm


I believe that it is every photographers dream (whether armature or pro) to take that one unexpected shot which fills you with a child-like giddiness inside. Such was the case for me on a crisp autumn morning in New Hampshire. I was vacationing at Newfound Lake, in the White Mountains Lakes Region, over the Columbus Day weekend and this particular morning was my last chance to try and capture the autumn foliage that New England is so well known for. All the days before were sunless and overcast so when I awoke to a sky; the definition of cerulean, I knew I needed to skip my coffee and breakfast to head out for that “perfect autumn” shot! I began my quest at Wellington State Park, located on the shore of Newfound Lake, Bristol, NH. Hiking along the peninsula nature trail afforded me an abundance of photo opportunities. As my hike ended and ready to pursue other scenic areas around the lake, I decided, for some reason, to go back to my beginning location and take one last round of panoramic shots of the Wellington beach and the west side of the lake. I set up my tripod on a couple of the large boulders at the water’s edge (which in hindsight, proved to be key in capturing this shot!) and started shooting from south to north. And just like that, through my view finder a large bird passes by and at that point, all I can say is my instinct took over as it all happened so quickly to even think. Without delay I switched directions to the south clicking away for what was probably 10 seconds or less. When I looked up just as the bird was about to disappear into the woods, I realized I had just seen an American Bald Eagle and two of her eaglets. (At the time, I didn’t even know what a baby eagle was called let alone what they looked like!) Immediately I went to my LCD monitor and just about flipped with excitement when I could see that I actually had captured a few shots of the birds, and then with closer inspection, I couldn’t believe my eyes again…the Bald Eagle had a trout in her talons! How lucky was that! I was so eager to tell someone what I had just witnessed, show them my photos, and share in the exhilaration of this rare moment in time, however, I was the only one that morning in the park and my inner emotions were defining to the quiet solitude of this peaceful, cool, glorious beginning to the day. So at that moment, my excitement, my proof, and my storytelling for years to come would have to wait for just a little bit longer.

Date Added
October 20, 2009
Date Taken
October 20, 2009

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