Grand Prize Winner Eleanor Caputo

The Beautiful Desolate Earth - Mono Lake, Ca

Congratulations to Eleanor Caputo, whose photograph of Mono Lake, California, earns top honors in OP’s Your Favorite Places 2009 Photo Contest. Prizes include $1,000, a Tamrac Aero Speed Pack 85 Dual Access Photo/Laptop Backpack, a Duggal 16×24-inch print of her photo and a Gitzo GT2541 Carbon Fiber tripod with GH2780QR head.

As she passed by the lake on a spontaneous drive to Death Valley last spring, Caputo found the clear sky and calm water so inspiring that she instantly saw her shot. “I walked around a bit to find my composition, and then I spotted the little white piece of driftwood perfectly and naturally placed on the shallow shores,” she recalls. “It made a great foreground anchor to help give the image depth and perspective.”


1st Prize Winner Luke Diener

Colorado Falls


Honorable Mention Michael Anderson

The Gift


Honorable Mention Dennis Oakley

Okonaluftee Running


Honorable Mention Paul Marcellini

Elephants And Kilimanjaro

Every morning this group of elephants back tracks from the night before. We caught them in perfect position, as the light broke on Kilimanjaro.


People's Choice Winner Nolan Nitschke

Yosemite Lightning Strike

At Glacier Point a large audience watched as a fantastic storm moved in over Yosemite Valley. Shortly after, the National Park Service cleared the area because lightning strikes started touching down on the other end of the valley. I went to another look-out point about a mile or two before glacier point. I waited at the area for almost two hours and 300+ shots later I was lucky enough to catch a lightning bolt, part of a rainbow, and some amazing light on Half Dome all in the same composition.

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