African Water Buffalo

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
Nearest Area
Lake Mburo National Park
Mbarara, Uganda

African Water Buffalo are really common throughout Africa. We passed this guy early morning on a game drive through Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda, Africa while he was taking a mud bath. He didnt seem to happy to be disturbed, because he quickly got up, started grunting at us, and looked as if he was about to charge our safari Land Rover. The African Water Buffalo is a large African bovine. Their unpredictable nature makes them highly dangerous to humans and they are known to charge without any notice. Contrary to popular belief, the African buffalo is not the ancestor of domestic cattle, and is only distantly related to other larger bovines. Savannah type buffalo have black or dark brown coats and old bulls have whitish circles around their eyes. The horns of African buffalo are very peculiar. A characteristic feature of them is the fact that the adult bull's horns have fused bases, forming a continuous bone shield referred to as a "boss." The boss is soo strong that it can not always be penetrated even by a rifle bullet. From the base the horns diverge, then bend down, and then smoothly curve upwards and outwards. The distance between the ends of the horns of large bulls is more than a 3 feet. The young buffalo horn boss forms fully only upon reaching the age of 5–6 years. In cows the horns are, on average, 10-20% less, and the boss is less prominent.

Date Added
July 13, 2012
Date Taken
July 13, 2012

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