Grand Prize Winner Brad Goldpaint

Nighted Vail

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner Brad Goldpaint. This photograph is much more than just a night scene with the Milky Way. Goldpaint took advantage of digital technology to capture a unique place and moment in time.

He describes the shot, “As an avid landscape astrophotographer, I wanted to find a perfect location for the annual Orionids meteor shower, peaking on October 21, 2011. I remembered a place called Middle Falls, located just outside McCloud near my home in Mount Shasta, Calif. This location had an open view just above the falls and faced directly east where the majority of the meteors would be coming from. ‘Nighted Vail’ is a composite consisting of every meteor captured during the night and includes the Milky Way crashing into the illuminated falls.”


1st Prize Winner Sam Swartz

The Three Brothers

Sunrise over the Merced River in Yosemite NP.


Honorable Mention Jim Shoemaker

Thunderstorm, Monument Valley

The mesas of Monument Valley are dwarfed by thunderstorm clouds.


Honorable Mention Larry Takemoto

Coastal Oaks At Sunset

Sunlight from sunset through a live oak


Honorable Mention James H. Egbert



People's Choice Winner Paul James

Toroweap Dream

The last rays of light cover the Grand Canyon walls in a warm glow.

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