Grand Prize Winner Tom Porter

Orange Foggy Sunset

Near Albany, In The Willamette Valley, Oregon
Sometimes, the best shots are right outside the back door. This photo was taken down at the end of Tom Porter’s driveway. He noticed the colors at the horizon as they were building, and he grabbed his DSLR and ran out to the road. Porter had always wanted to capture the sunrise or sunset in fog like this, and he was rewarded with several “keeper” images.


1st Prize Winner Christopher O'Donnell


After a passing rain shower, I found this group of very small clovers hiding between cracks in a sidewalk. This is a macro image from my early days as a photographer.


Honorable Mention Josh Taylor



Honorable Mention Daniel Sherman

Sunrise Over Wizard Island

This was my first visit to Crater Lake and I certainly lucked out with the weather. It had snowed 15″ the week prior and was clear the entire weekend.


Honorable Mention Nate Zeman

Platinum Skies

Mt. Moran rises through stormy skies over the Oxbow Bend of the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park on a beautiful October Morning. This mountain was named after famous western American landscape painter, Thomas Moran. Moran’s sketches and paintings from his days with the Hayden Geological Survey were crucial to the creation of Yellowstone National Park, and helped congress develop the National Park System. It’s fitting that this beautiful mountain in the Northern Teton range was named for such a man. The view of Mt. Moran from the Oxbow Bend continues to inspire photographers and painters to this day, serving as a great reminder of how the power of art can affect conservation.


People's Choice Winner Daniel Cedras

Clouds Of Doom

Fantastically fast moving cloud formation which descended in the blink of an eye upon the 80 feet tall slash pines.

Official Rules

Outdoor Photographer 3rd Annual Nature’s Colors Official Rules