4th Annual Nature’s Colors Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Roben Blakey

Title: Morning Glow On Squaw Pass Co.

Congratulations to Roben Blakey who takes the Grand Prize in our Sony-sponsored 2011 Nature’s Colors Photo Contest. We received over 10,000 submissions, making this one of the most successful contests we’ve ever run.

Blakey, who took this photo in Squaw Pass, Colorado, describes the scene, “On this particular day, I was walking through this area early in the morning, headed for a stand of really tall aspen. I just happened to turn around and look into the sun and saw this beautiful glow through the aspens behind me. It really took my breath away to be in that perfect moment.”

As the Grand Prize winner, Blakey receives a Sony SLT-A55 DSLR, a Gitzo GT2541 carbon-fiber tripod and GH2780QR head, a PNY 8 GB Professional Series SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card, Tamrac’s Evolution 8 Backpack (5788) and a Duggal 16×20 print of the winning photo.

1st Prize Winner: Inge Johnsson

Title: Hoh Grove

Sunlight backlighting a mossy maple tree in Hoh Rainforest.

Honorable Mention: James Neely

Title: Fire And Ice

While shooting the night sky from the bridge at Convict Lake I briefly flashed the foreground rocks with my pocket LED flashlight.

Honorable Mention: John Donofrio

Title: Dawn In The Tombstone Range

Tombstone Territorial Park is one of North America’s newest – and most dramatic – wilderness areas. Described as “the Patagonia of Canada” the Tombstone Range features remarkable and dramatic landscapes unequaled elsewhere. A single trail/route leads into the treeless mountains from the Dempster Highway, the northern-most road in Canada over barren, rocky passes to a series of beautiful and lonely lakes including Grizzly Lake.

Honorable Mention: Joshua Cripps

Title: Painting With Wind

Truth be told, I’m not much of an abstract shooter. I just love grand vistas and soaring landscapes. But sand dunes are such amazing studies in lines, light, color, and textures that it’s easy to lose yourself in these elements. The way that light and shadow feather so gracefully around the curves of the dunes is pure magic. The smoothness and subtleties can be so perfect they almost look like they were painted in. And it was these tones and textures which caught my eye and camera in this shot.

People's Choice Winner: John Dykstra

Title: Water Colors

The vivid Michigan autumn colors reflect their brilliance in the moving water of Bond Falls as it swiftly flows over the rocks.

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