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This is the False Kiva, located deep within the Canyonlands at Utah and is by far one of the secret Jewels within this park and the National Park Services have kept this location a closely guarded one from the public as much as possible. The False Kiva is an Anasazi tribe ruin and is a Class II archeological site, meaning you will not find reliable directions to get there very easily and for a good reason.Its purpose is still yet to be understood by the Archaeologists.Some speculate its a Sacrificial ground where offerings were made to the higher being and the location of this sacrificial ground lines up with the constellations in the night sky looking out into the Canyons. A look at the National Park map and you wont be able to find it. Ask a Park Ranger about it and he would look at you inquisitively and follow it up with the question "How did you know about it ? ". I was given some very rudimentary directions to it and pretty much found my way along thanks to some foot marks left on the snow by few previous hikers that day. Was lucky there was no fresh snow that morning that could have covered up their tracks. This is way high up in the canyons wedged in a cave on the wall of the canyon and is a trek that is not for the casual person who just wants to give it a shot. The trek was very treacherous and the fact that the air is very thin at these altitudes made it that much more exhausting. Overall in the end reaching this cave and to be standing on this sacred ground felt Magical and special.

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January 12, 2013
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January 12, 2013

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