The Napping Grounds

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II

After spending almost a solid week going to bed late, sleeping bunched up in the back of my car, and waking up well before sunrise for photos, I was in desperate need for a nap. Upon seeing a gentleman pulled over on the side of the road with his point and shoot, I took note of a potential area I could photograph of the Green River Overlook. I grabbed my gear and made my way along a cliff edge until I came to a point with a shear drop off and a fantastic view of the Green River Overlook. The only thing was, I had it all to myself. After shooting for a while, I found an interesting, and comfortable spot for nap. The neat part about it was it was right along side of the cliff edge. With an enchanting warm breeze swirling around with perfect temperatures, I instantly began sawing logs. Catching about a perfect twenty minute nap, I was rejuvenated and began to photograph the area some more. About that time the clouds really started adding some great lighting, allowing for sunbeams to scatter across the flats below. Being that the shot was in the mid-afternoon, I decided a black and white version was much more appealing.

Date Added
February 20, 2013
Date Taken
February 20, 2013

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